Welcome to the Remnants of Mana Workshop!

Remnants of Mana is a work in progress Fantasy novel inspired by the stories from 90s RPGs like Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger.

Story Summary

Aethra, a planet full of life, beauty, and magic, burned.  The end of an era had come with little forewarning.   The ground heaved, ripping itself apart, earthquakes shattering the lands.  Cities fell, forests burned, and tsunamis pounded the shorelines. Mana, the life force and energy of Aethra, pulsed violently, destroying anything that attempted to draw from it.  The winds blew across the lands, carrying with it the sounds of despair.

The Mana Dynamo, a machine build by the greatest minds mankind had to offer, had been designed to bring forth a wealth of mana energy.  It would have supplied everyone with an unlimited source of power in all aspects of life, but something had gone horrifyingly wrong. Something inside the planet was awakened. Aethra was torn apart.

As mankind was picking up the pieces of their shattered civilization it was decided that the most likely trigger for the destruction was the Dynamo, and so it was decommissioned. Not everyone agreed with the shutdown however, so to prevent a Dynamo from ever being activated again the Dynamo’s eight primary components were moved to eight secure facilities spread around the world.
As an added precaution, sixteen elite members of the Mana Preservation Initiative were selected to protect the Remnant Chambers far into the future and were frozen in cryo-pods.

Over time this distrust of the Mana Dynamo would evolve into a flat out ban on anything deemed too high tech.

Time flowed ever onward, and Aethra’s flora and fauna flourished like never before, but mankind was propelled into a comparable dark ages. People saw evidence of the great civilization that came before them, but their church refused to ever let them reach such a level again out of fear of history repeating itself.

3000 years passed with relative peace, but it was just the calm before the storm. In an effort to gain knowledge about the ancients, excavators would set off a chain of events that could mark the end of 30 centuries of peace.

Our story follows Steele, a man who is awakened from stasis 3000 years in the future and tasked with protecting a planet that scarcely resembles the planet he once knew.

Remnants of Mana Book Progress

While we are drawing lots of inspiration from other material, we are trying to bring as many completely original ideas to the table as we can.

We already have the basic plot figured out, along with what I think is an amazing ending that I don’t think has been done before.

A few Chapter rough drafts are done.

Remnants of Mana Game

If the book does well we would like to use the funding the book provides to create a game following the same basic story line and in the same world.

The game specifications are still highly debatable so early on in the project, but it is currently felt that Remnants of Mana will be a 2D game similar to that of Zelda, and follow more of an artistic approach.

Book Completion

World Development
Character Design
Writing Progress

Game Completion

Story Completion
Artwork $ Graphics
Sound & Music

Above are completion bars of the different elements we are working on.  As the Story develops,  so will the website, and changes will be made accordingly.  For now, these help show where we are in the project so members and fans can have a better understanding of what is going on.

The work done is on a volunteer basis.  We are always looking for people with skills that would like to contribute to this project.  If you are interested in taking part, please feel free to contact us.

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