Welcome to the Remnants of Mana Workshop!


Remnants of Mana Workshop

Hello and welcome! You may be wondering what this project is about, and I will tell you!  Remnants of Mana is a concept for a book and a game that includes many key components that I have discovered in other sources, and have come to love.  I started reading fantasy and science fiction when I was eight years old, and was playing games such as Zelda A Link to the Past at the age of 5.  I have played dozens of the most popular fantasy games, and read some of the greatest book series of all time.

While I love this genre very much, it seems to have died out as far as classic gameplay and story are concerned.  What I crave is an adventure game that has a rich and immersive world and story that I have only truly found in large novels.  I enjoy the amazing graphic quality of modern games, but the stories seem to be repeating themselves in an almost mechanical fashion.

On this site, I am posting EVERYTHING I develop!  Those that read this can watch and give input to ideas, game mechanics, story, character development, and anything else you can think of!  I hope to create, with the help of everyone, a truly epic, stunning, and memorable story that will satisfy many!

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