Mana can be broken up into 8 base elements.
Think of it like light though a prism. White light goes in, a rainbow of colors comes out.
With Mana, Mana Energy goes in… Elements of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Metal, Nature, Light and Dark come out.

Similarly in reverse, one “Molecule” of each element combine to create Mana Energy.

Elements are by nature easier to control than Mana Energy itself.
This principle is applied with the Mana Dynamo, which harnesses each element from the planet separately then combines them all to create Mana Energy.

Generally, spells are always cast using primarily one element that determines the effect of the spell.

Energy of a specific Element can be stored inside a battery-like device just like Mana Energy. In this way an Element behaves much like an electrical charge.

Elements can be amplified with a Catalyst, a crystal that amplifies energy of a single element or combination of elements. The best analog again would be a prism.


Earth > Fire / Wind – Lightning

Wind: Air > Earth / Lightning > Water

Fire > Water / Nature / Metal

Water > Fire / Earth

Metal > Nature / Wind / Earth

Nature > Earth / Water

Light > Dark

Dark > Light


Elements can combine in different ways.

A creature that is a combination of Nature + Earth. EX. A vine enemy with boulders.

Casting a spell with 2 elements combined. Fire + Water = Steam.

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