Lumen – Ancient City of the Mana Tree

Excavations of Lumenia Volume I

Circa 17000 B.C. Author Name Unknown

Lumen is the modern name given to the ruins of an ancient city located on the Northern Continent, just south of the Mana Tree.
What the original inhabitants called this once great city we can only ponder.

My excavation team and I have been sent on a journey of discovery into the untamed wilderness to both chart and search the ruins of Lumen for usable technology for use in our own developments back home.

Upon first entering the ruins of Lumen for the first time the thought entered my mind that I may be the first person to set foot in the city for millions of years. Right away I was astonished at what a magnificent city it must have been in its heyday.  Marble columns and arches still stand in a city left uninhabited in the middle of a rainforest for millions of years, some entangled with vines a foot thick.
Many of the buildings are made entirely of an alloy so durable that our technology can’t leave a scratch on it. We have so far been unable to heat the material to the melting point. We will bring as much of the material back for further study as we can.
The climate of this rainforest is unrelenting, the bugs are enormous, and the ferocity creatures that stalk the forest indescribable. It took the team and I over 6 months to clear a way through the dense undergrowth to the site of the excavation. We also have a large team of highly trained soldiers on watch constantly to protect the excavation team from the wildlife. Surely this place was more hospitable in the past.

One of the most intriguing finds thus far is a metal object that radiates Mana Energy. Our assumption is that the Energy was put there in ancient times. We currently harness the power of Mana Energy that the Temples emit to run our machines, but imagine if we could store the energy in a portable vessel. The possibilities for such a device would be limitless!

From images carved into walls and columns of the city, the ancient inhabitants look nearly identical to modern people. This leads me to speculate that our modern civilization maybe be the direct descendants of the ancient civilization of Lumenia.
Every day I wonder what happened to our world that caused this amazing technology to be completely forgotten.

While we were in Lumenia we also payed a visit to the base of the Mana Tree, a tree so large it can be seen poking out of the rainforest canopy from miles away. To be so small standing under a tree so large was breathtaking. It’s a miracle the material at the bottom of the tree is strong enough to support all the weight. I also wonder what caused one tree to get so much bigger than any other tree on this planet.

It’s day 30 of our expedition. Our time for excavations has come to a close, and we need to make our way south, back to the shore where the ships are waiting to pick us up.
I feel like we could have used more time, but we may have made some invaluable discoveries.
I will personally deliver the “Mana Battery” to the king when I reach the city.
I have a feeling this technology will be game changing if we can unlock its secrets.


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