Magic in the world of Mana is not uncommon. In this universe, “Magic” is the act of bending or harnessing the Elements of Mana to perform something impossible in the real world.

The ability to control Mana to cast spells doesn’t come naturally  to humans, but with practice or through use of technology it is possible to cast a variety of spells.

Controlling every aspect of Mana at once in nearly impossible. Every spell and use of Mana involves controlling a single element or a combination of just a few elements, rarely all 8 at once.

Types of Magic:

Barriers – Create a wall that can deflect either other spells or solid objects.

Illusion –  There are 2 forms of this illusion, creating an actual object in the world that tricks someone or by deceiving foes into seeing things that aren’t really there by altering their minds.


Mind Control


Apply effects to weapons

Possible Elemental spells:

Fire (Standard Magic) – Flame spells and such. Alter temperatures in the environment to make things hotter. Weakened in wet or cold places. Fire Spells require Oxygen to work and are weaken significantly in the presence of water.
Hurl Flames – Create a ball of flames with both hands and hurl it at an enemy.
Flame Sword – Ignite a weapon to add fire damage and make it burn the target.

Water (Standard Magic) – Control water in the environment, cannot be used to poof water into existence. Water can make things colder. Weakened in dry places like a desert.
Gather water spells:
Rend water – Rips the moisture from a targets body with force.
Evaporate – Pulls moisture from the environment for use in other spells.
Use water spells:
Ice Spike – Form water into razor sharp ice crystals and hurl them at foes.
Cold Storm – Drop the temperature surrounding you and create a spiral of ice crystals.
Become Water – Turn ones’ self into water, allowing entry into the smallest crevice.
Ice Blade – Add Ice to a weapon, causing it to freeze contacted objects. Freezing a targets sword causes it to shatter on the next hit.

Wind (Standard Magic) – Wind and lightning. Less effective indoors.
Air Burst – Create a blast of air.
Lightning Strike – Summon a bolt of electricity
Shock Blade – Add an electrical charge to a weapon, causing it to electrocute the target when it touches them or a metal weapon.

Earth (Standard Magic) – Control over Rocks, Crystal and Dirt. Defensive Spells and offensive spells. Doesn’t work well in an environment without rocks or dirt.
Rock Telekinesis – Levitate a rock and hurl it at high speed.
Deflect arrows – Deflect incoming projectiles with rocks from the surroundings.
Pitfall – Cause the ground beneath a target to collapse into a sinkhole.
Petrify Blade – Petrify whatever part of the body the weapon strikes.

Nature (Standard Magic) – Speed up the healing of living things. Control plants and some animals to distract an enemy. Doesn’t work well in areas with little life.
Regenerate Cells – Invoke the target’s ability to regenerate damaged Cells. Can be used to regrow lost limbs and save someone from the brink of death.
Strangle Vine – Grab the target with vines and hold them in place.
Falcon – Request a passing Falcon to dive bomb the target.
Rend Recovery Blade – Stop the target from recovering from damage after being struck.

Metal (Standard Magic) – Magnetism spells, Telekinesis of metal objects. Not very useful in areas with no metal.
Shrapnel – Pull metal from the environment and hurl it into a target.
Deflect Melee – Levitate a piece of metal and use it to deflect melee attacks.
Control Robot – Hijack a robots’ circuits to make it do your bidding.
Shrapnel Scythe – Pull sharp metal fragments from the surroundings to your weapon in a scythe shape, creating a heavy clump of sharp material at the tip that breaks off in the target upon use.

Dark – (Elite Magic) Mind control, Absorb light and Mana from environment, disable other Mana spells.
Invisibility: Makes an ally invisible to enemies.
Mind Control – Take over the mind of the target.
Thought overload – Cause the target’s mind to rush through thought uncontrollably throwing them off guard.
Thought Illusion – Trick the targets brain into seeing something that isn’t there.
Mana  Vortex – Absorb Mana into a vortex, causing all spells to fail.

Light – (Elite Magic) Emit light. Control Light. Become Light.
Flash – Blind the target with a bright light.
Illusion – Cause many targets to see something that isn’t there.
Teleport – Transform into light to move at the speed of light. Requires a clear path.

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