Mana Blade


The Mana Weapon Steele starts out with in the Cryo Facility.

It absorbs Mana Energy from fallen foes and grows stronger with use and as the wielder becomes more attuned to the weapon.

Mana Weapons have the ability to unleash stored up Mana energy in the form of different spells.

The blade has a place for a Catalyst to be inserted, but doesn’t come with one.
A Fire Catalyst would make the Blade better for casting fire spells and weaker for other spells.
A catalyst of one element doesn’t restrict use of spells of other elements entirely. For example, a nature spell cast by a weapon with a fire Catalyst would cast at about 40% power. An element like water that directly counters the fire catalyst would cast at only 20% strength, and an element that is unaffected by fire like earth or metal would cast at 80%.


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