Mana Burn



Mana Burn


Summary of Mana Burn

Mana Burn is an effect that occurs when a BIOSYNC attempts to channel a mana flow greater than his physical body can handle.  This can result in a temporary increase in channeling output, but it comes at a cost.  Physical damage will occur to the body, depending on how much and how long the BIO-SYNC attempts to channel.

Minor cases of mana burn have been reported  as a skin irritation similar to a sun burn.  Some have minor blistering and hair loss.  These effects are temporary and heal just like a normal sunburn would.

A more serious effect of mana burn would be the loss of the ability to channel altogether.  The BIOSYNC effectively burns their ability out of their body.  This is normally followed by a state of unconsciousness, followed by several weeks of recovery.

In extreme cases, the BIOSYNC will looses their life.  The mana in the body breaks down their cellular structure.  Reports say that not even the body remains.

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