Mana is the energy source found on AETHRA.
It is the force that drives all life throughout the universe.
Mana forms the very essence of every plant and animal including humans, containing what some would call the “soul”.
Without Mana human bodies would just be lifeless shells.
It invisibly flows within the earth, through the atmosphere, and even leeches into outer space.

Scientists have learned much about Mana throughout the years, but few truly understand its more spiritual qualities.
Most of what is known about Mana involves using it as an energy source to make life for humans more convenient, or harnessing it as a weapon. Some people use Mana in a more spiritual way than the scientists of old, such as Tree Singers who control the growth of trees by controlling the tree’s Mana.
By developing the ability to control Mana, either with technology or with one’s own Mana, one can accomplish feats that to some look like Magic.


Mana can be broken down into 8 elements:

  1.  Earth element
  2. Wind element
  3.  Water element
  4.  Fire element
  5.  Nature element
  6. Metal element
  7.  Light element
  8.  Dark element

These base elements encapsulate all the powers required to create everything.

Everything uses mana, but mostly on a subconscious level.  For instance, we humans breathe, and our hearts beat, but we do not control these functions.

Mana, by its nature, is attracted to itself.  It is mostly collected as a whole inside the planet, but is also drawn to mana that has found its way to the surface.  This surface mana has a tendency to flow into the atmosphere, and then into space.

This slow leaching of mana away from the planet will eventually deplete the mana reserve of the planet, causing creatures and plants that rely on mana to die out.

To combat this issue, the Lumenians built a massive mana recycler called the Mana Tree.  This tree reaches all the way into the planet’s atmosphere, drawing mana in like sunlight and pushing it down through its roots back deep inside of the planet.

Mana is attracted to itself, like how elements are drawn to each other.  This attraction, with mana’s inert trait of always being in motion, causes it to shift and flow.  This flowing and attraction allows for collections of similar elemental types to be concentrated in certain geographic regions of the world.  An example would be the water region.  This area of the continent has more of the water element flowing through it than other regions do.  Because of this influence, the geography, climate, and life indigenous to the land has evolved unlike that found in other regions.


Channeling Mana

Mana is a force in the world consisting of eight elemental parts.  These elements are further broken down into subatomic particles that are constantly in a state of motion.  The amount of movement is determined by the amount of energy they have and their relationship with other subatomic particles of different elemental types.

Based on these facts, mana elements can be effectively manipulated:


Local Channeling Technique:

  1. Mana is gathered out of surroundings into a ball of energy.
  2. A Catalyst amplifies a single Element if a Catalyst is being used.
  3. Energy of a single Element is discharged with varying results.

Examples: Creating a blast of fire with no weapon just using energy around you.


If too much mana is drawn from local environment, extreme atrophy to the indigenous life may ensue.


Even if all mana is drawn out of an area, surrounding mana will seep back in, replenishing the mana levels.

Life forms with any level of active sentience resist external draws on their internal mana. This however, does not apply to a sentient life form that has fallen unconscious.  If mana from a sentient form is drawn out, surrounding mana will re-supply their internal capacity given time.


Parallax Channeling Technique:

  1. Mana is gathered out of surroundings into a storage device. (weapon, amulet)
  2. A Catalyst amplifies a single Element if a Catalyst is being used.
  3. Allocated elements undergo spontaneous parametric down-conversion, creating duplicate entangled subatomic elemental particles
  4. Duplicate Subatomic particles create a tunnel link, drawing in non-local duplicate particles to complete their state.
  5. Additional Elemental powers are focused, using a channel mapping method
  6. Elements are discharged through mapped channel

Examples: Creating a massive air blast by unleashing the stored energy inside the Mana Blade.


Duplicate particles that create a tunnel may link to as many as three external duplicate element particles!  This means that spell power may vary up to 30%, depending on estimated amount of duplicate particles in mana core.


Spontaneous parametric down-conversion takes place when a stream of elemental particles is focused through a nonlinear crystal.  The process essentially takes a singular elemental particle and splits it into two different polarized states.

This process requires specialized equipment in order to process the collected mana.  There is also a time delay between activation and particle conversion.  This delay means that the mapping form may take a while to execute, depending on the rarity of the particles separated and their duplicate quantity.

Biological Synchronization( BIOSYNC ) Channeling Technique:

  1. Biological creatures must have inert ability to sync with mana elemental flow and use their bodies to store access Mana Energy.
  2. Mana energy is gathered from surrounding area and stored internally
  3. Mana is separated into elemental types until internal type capacity is reached.
  4. Elemental powers are focused, using a channel mapping method.
  5. Elements are discharged through mapped channel

Examples: Absorbing Water Element into one’s own body before venturing into the desert.
Generally, humans can store very little energy inside their bodies without modification.


If organism attempts to sync with too great a mana flow, their body will experience mana burn.  This can cause serious bodily harm, loss of sync ability, and possibly death.


The ability to sync and store mana are two different abilities.  The ability to sync with mana is fairly common.  The ability to sync and store mana using one’s own body appears to be a rarity among humans.  Creatures of lower sentient intelligence have been exhibiting this ability in abundance, though the cause is unknown.

For those humans that do have the capacity to sync and store mana, they are normally limited to doing so with only one element.

In 20 A.D., selections of an elite group of people were chosen and had their bodies forcibly infused with DNA from humans with the ability of each element, creating humans that can channel and store all elemental types of mana.  The success rate of this experiment was extremely low however, as even the bodies of genetically modified super humans could barely handle the stresses of forced man infusion.


Mana Channel Mapping Methods

There are four Mana mapping methods:

  1. Symbolic mapping of elemental flow
  2. Sonic mapping of elemental flow
  3. Psychogenic mapping of elemental flow
  4. Direct line mapping


Symbolic mapping is when one uses drawn insignia’s in order to map out the desired flow of mana to achieve your output. These can be done through paper drawings, tattoos, light, and many other forms.

Sonic mapping is the use of vibration to map out the desired flow of mana to achieve your output. This method can be done using sound generated from voice, machine, or creatures.

Psychogenic mapping is mapping that is done in one’s head.  This is the hardest and rarest of mapping methods, and is nearly impossible to complete.  It takes an incredible amount of control and internal focus.

Direct Line mapping is achieved by literally creating a direct line, or tunnel, to a large repository of mana.  This method was normally undergone on large scale works, such as supplying a large city with a power source.  The city itself would have to be constructed as a symbolic mapping, but instead of the insignia being drawn on a medium such as paper, the entire city would have to be the medium.

Huge machinery is required to do this, and a massive catalyst is needed.


Mana Storage

Mana is in and around everything.  Different creatures and objects have different levels of capacity in which they can store this mana.  Some cannot access this mana freely, while others can.

So how would you create a Mana Battery to store up extra mana to use at a later time?  This was accomplished by genetically modifying creatures that had a natural ability to store large amounts of mana.  These creature’s essence was then harvested and encapsulated in different devices, giving those objects the ability to store and use the mana element of that creature.

The ability to create mana storage was lost in 20 A.D.  Any mana devices that survived are now extremely valued.


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