Planet Aethra – Home Planet in the World of Mana




Geography –

Aethra is a planet covered in scars and ruins, with a wide variety of different biomes.

The largest scar is a large crater located in the north-east, in the center of the dark region.

Another noticeable feature is the Mana Rift, a giant canyon that runs north to south around the Mana Tree on the northern continent.

The largest man-made scar is a crashed space station near the city of Zare in the metal region.

There is an active volcano on the fire region island.

Large earthquakes have caused the ground to rip and buckle, creating extreme terrain.

Aethra and all other planets with life in the Mana universe are kept alive by the force known as Mana.

Under normal circumstances a planet can sustain life for billions of years because Mana circulates throughout the system similar to the planet’s water cycle.

Aethra’s Mana reserves however have been drained for thousands of years by humans as well as other creatures using it in non-renewable ways. Today levels of Mana are draining faster than ever before, and the creatures becoming more deadly. The tipping point where the planet will no longer be able to support humans is drawing near.


Civilization –

Civilizations have risen and fallen across the world, leaving scattered ruins around the world.

At one point humans covered the entire globe with advanced technology, reached out into space with massive orbital stations.

Today humans are still recovering. People often live in pockets of humanity that are safe haven enough for them to survive. The southern continent is the safest corner of the globe and houses the largest pockets of civilization like the Umbrian Empire.

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