Throughout the story Steele remains the primary character.

He is an elite warrior that was put into stasis as a part of the Facility Protector Program in 20 A.D.
Before stasis he wielded a Mana Blaster, and is quite proficient with one, even though from the beginning of the story he uses the blade that is left from him.

Steele’s character is complex. Though he may portray a tough guy exterior (and he is a bit of a tough guy), the reader also gets to see a deeper level of his character be seeing his thoughts. He goes through strong emotions such as anger, fear, compassion, and moments of deep reflection with the reader seeing every bit of it.

Steele is designed so that the reader relates to what he’s feeling.

Steele being tasked with the job of Temple Guardian was not of his choosing, and he would honestly rather be back in his own era.

He starts out caring very little about anything, because everything he used to know is long gone.
However, as the story progresses he begins to actually care for the world he was thrown into and the people in it.

Over time Steele begins to feel responsible for saving the entire planet, as that’s what he was put in stasis to do.

He has flashbacks about his life 3000 years ago. He would have survived the Cataclysm when he was just a boy. He’s not fully human, he was in some kind of program that enhanced his abilities.

Things that change his personality:

The notes left by Aibel and finding Aibel’s tombstone.

Aywin’s grandfather’s death.



Steele was born in 3 B.C.

He would have survived the Cataclysm as a child. He grew up with ordinary middle class parents until they died shortly after 0 A.D. (making him 3 when they died)

Before 0 A.D. his life would have been nearly perfect. He wasn’t born elite but he wasn’t poor either. He had a loving family.

0 A.D. took nearly everything from him when his parents die saving him.

After surviving the cataclysm, as an orphan he becomes part of a group of people that would ultimately become the Mana Preservation Initiative.

The MPI, in need of soldiers to gain control and spread their beliefs train him and thousands of other orphaned children to fight at a young age with a variety of weapons.

Along with training, Steele and several other children that stand out among the trainees also undergo genetic alterations that are still highly experimental.
The genetic alterations are somewhat successful on Steele and many of the other children, leading to increased capabilities.
One of the more capabilities Steele gained from the genetic alterations is an elevated ability to control Mana Energy.
He never learns to cast spells with just his mind like some, but his control over mana will come in extremely handy later in the story.


Biological Age: 23

Actual age: 3090

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 150 lbs




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